Top Pretend to kill Trump and Brasil Trump. Secrets

Circumstance. S. President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Zaire Bowsonaru, dubbed "Brazil's Trump, " met at the same meeting. As expected, the two were busy praising each other.

President Trump and visiting U. T. President Bowsonaru showed a friendly atmosphere during their summit in The brand on Wednesday.

The two leaders showed off their "closeness" to this full extent by exchanging national football team uniforms bearing the other peoples name.

Bowsonaru, a "outsider" politician affiliated with the far-right Social Liberals Party, was elected in the presidential election last October with your populist fervor on his back, is called "Trump of Brazil" and even "Trump of South America. "

He has used President Trump as a "roll model" and also called himself a "Trump worshipper. inches

The Associated Press said that President Bowsonaru campaigned for the pro-U. S. and pro-Trump lines to a level last year, and plagiarized Trump's voice tone and style.

The two leaders exchanged soccer uniforms with each other's names as gifts as they began their summit at the Oval Office in the White House.

First, President Overcome handed President Bowsonaru a white uniform for the U. S. internal football team, whose name was inscribed on the back number "19. "

President Trump said Brazil is a great soccer power, observing Brazil is a "country of football, " adding that Brazil contains great players. I still remember Pele and many other players. Consequently we decided to exchange uniforms, " he said.

In response, Web design manager Bowsonaru also presented the Brazilian national soccer team's yellow uniform together with the name "Trump" on Pele's back number 10. He also says that it was a symbol of "the best soccer player through the world. "

As soon as he sat down, Trump rewarded last year's election campaign by President Bowsonaru as "one of often the incredibly good campaigns, " saying he was "proud" that his president campaign was compared to his 2016 presidential victory.

He then predicted that he could have a "fantastic working relationship" with President Bowsonaru.

President Bowsonaru responded to Trump's praise. He predicted that Trump will succeed in re-election in 2020.

Bowsonaru did not miss out concerning Trump's "favorably" words at a joint news conference in Rose Garden, the White House, after the summit.

He said the two locations should work together to ensure freedom, respect the traditional way about life and God, our creator, and fight against "gender ideology, micron "political correctness" and fake news.

Feminism and political correctness, the ordinary Trump is animosity should take, and the two nations together 안전놀이터 주소 to help mention the fake news named in.

"I'm very proud that President Bowsonaru used the word fake news, " Trump said.

"We're hunting at that very strongly and we want to do that, inch Trump said on a plan to grant Brazil the "special right of 안전놀이터 검증 NATO, " adding, "The relationship between the U. S. not to mention Brazil is 안전놀이터 스포츠 now better than ever. There was a lot in hostility in the days of other presidents, but there is basically no hostility whatsoever, " he said.

"We're looking to see if 안전놀이터추천 actually is going to be NATO or something else related to the connections, " he said. "We have a very good alliance with The brand. He stressed that trade has never been so good.

Photo just by Brendan Smialowski / AFP

Some point out that the right-wing community heads of North and South America are united amid deepening turmoil on Venezuela, where the left-wing regime has taken power.

The two international locations have continued to criticize the Venezuelan crisis and have called with the Venezuelan military to stop supporting President Nicolas Maduro.

Asked in the event that he wanted Brazil to be involved in military action in Venezuela, President Trump said, "In relation to Venezuela, all options are upon the table, " and as the question continued, "We didn't even discuss that. I'm going to discuss it today, " he says.

At a joint news conference, President Trump even mentioned Brazil's doable entry into NATO in connection with the NATO issue.

"I'm reasoning of designating Brazil as a major non-Nato ally or perhaps a NATO ally, " he said. But he attached the condition of which he should "talk to a lot of people. "

"President Trump has expanded diplomatic and geographical possibilities to an alarming extent, moving a long way in an encouraging mood, " Reuters said. "There is no precedent for a South American country to join CONNATURAL. "

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that Brazil's public opinion is not favorable to President Bowsonaru's pro-Trump move.

The New York Times introduced criticism by a sarcastic local media outlet, who reported, "In return for exempting American visas and allowing us to work with our satellite launch base, the president will get a Trump basketball 안전놀이터 그래프 cap and come back. "

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